Antique Gold | A complete Look

Today I’m sharing a stunning antique gold shimmer look with you!

It’s easy, quick and looks great. For the full tutorial check out my YouTube channel.

My first step was creating my base foundation I use the Maybelline super stay 24h in ivory.


I went for a lighter contour using bronzer to keep within the gold theme.


Next I used a light gold shimmer on the inner corners, spreading it out to the centre of my lids (‘radiance’).


One of the other shades I used to create depth was ‘toffee’ in the above BYS berries palette.

I also used a few more shades that you can see by watching the tutorial video.

To finish the look I added some liquid lipstick in the shade ‘chocolate’, winged liner and mascara.

I hope you enjoy seeing the look put together in the video as well as a quick overview.

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Pesto Zoodles | What I Ate Today

I find it super entertaining to see what delicious foods other people make, so I’m going to pay it forward by sharing my tasty and simple lunch from today.

Delicious pesto zoodles! (and broccoli)


Zucchini is my FAVOURITE veggie and possibly my favourite food. No matter how you cook it, it’s sooo tasty. And pesto? Do I even need to explain my love for pesto? I could have pesto’s babies. This is how pesto makes me feel:


If you want to know how I made it, check out my YouTube channel to see the related video. (coming soon!)

I hope this inspired some zucchini and pesto lovers to make a tasty creation in the kitchen!

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Unicorn Brushes.

I have a lot of makeup.

I don’t use it all, but it’s there just in-case my porcelain white skin spontaneously turns a light caramel colour. Obviously, with so much makeup I need a good supply of decent makeup brushes and applicators. I have many brushes and applicators, but recently I bought an eyeshadow and contour brush set that’s a little more magical than the rest of my collection.

Unicorn brushes!!!




They. Are. So. Cute. Surprisingly I managed to find a cheaper set that has decent bristles! I’ve already used a few of them when filming my Everyday Eyes video. Expect to see that uploaded to my YouTube channel  within the next few days.

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Indoor Plants and Smelly Things

Ever wondered how to spruce up your indoor environment with little effort?

I’ve got some things to show you!

Indoor Plants

About a year ago, I was going through a change of scenery in my work space. I was sick of the clutter and dull atmosphere. So I decided to experiment with a few types of beautifying and rearranging. A touch of greenery was what made the most difference!

I’ve killed numerous plants in my time, so when I tried out air plants, I was pleasantly surprised! It was difficult to kill.

This is my current air plant. I spray it once a day with a spray bottle of water and it doesn’t actually live here in direct sunlight. Its home is on my bookshelf, just out of direct sunlight.


The other alive indoor plant I currently have is a lucky bamboo. It’s grown quite a bit since I got it but it won’t get much larger than this.


And as I’m prone to murdering plants, this last one is perfect for me.


Looks great right? These suckers don’t need any watering. Ever. They’re fake! They look pretty real though. Embarrassing story: When me and my boyfriend bought these, we didn’t realise they were fake until I watered one of them… It took 2 hours of draining upside down for it to completely dry out. Fair to say I felt like the biggest idiot. I still do.

Candles and oil

I am completely obsessed with lovely smells and ambient lighting. This is conveniently packaged into one item. Or in my case – many.

Candles have completely taken over my room. From gorgeous scents to bright colours, you can’t go wrong! But you can… if you burn your house down. Don’t do that. It’d kinda suck. A lot…

Anyway… Here’s some of my favourite candles right now.


And some bad-ass skull candle-holders.


Possibly used more frequently than my candles, is my oil burner!

I tend to use wax melts waaay more than oils because they’re easier to clean out. Plus the oils take longer to burn than the tea-light candle that sits underneath it – I don’t want to waste tea-lights! I know I could just go and buy an electric oil burner, but there’s something more magical about that delicate little flame underneath. Also the vanilla scented tea-light candles I have smell pretty great without taking away from the melt or oil scent.

Here’s my burner in action.


Well that’s it for today! I hope these simple and easy methods of improving your environment were of some help or entertainment! Happy decorating!

Winged Eyeliner| A Guide

Part 2 – What colour for me?

When it comes to desired eyeliner effect, colour plays a vital role. Let’s explore how to choose colour and what colour combinations can do for you and your eyes.

  1. Skin tone has heaps to do with the effect certain colours will have on your eyes. For example, maroons and light browns are great for more natural liner on fair skin, whilst tanned and dark skin tones work well with dark browns and blacks for natural looks. To make a statement, fair skin works well with black or a bright colour such as blue or purple, darker tones can make a bold look using bronze or gold shimmer liners in addition to black. Whilst this is suggested, it is not mandatory and in no way the only colours that will compliment certain skin tones!
  2. For a bold layered look, combining a base colour (brown, dark brown or black) with a bright colour can have a better effect than using bright colours on their own! This goes the same for shimmered liners – gold, bronze, silver, metallic colours.
  3. Complimentary colours work well when acknowledging eye colour. By use of the colour wheel, you can find out the composite shade to your eye colour. Usually these enhance and brighten your eye colour, and can be used to your advantage in your eyeliner. Blue eyes are enhanced with bronzes, golds, browns and darker blues than your shade. Brown eyes are enhanced with brown, black, pinks and maroons.
  4. Under eye colours are also important in complimenting your winged eyeliner. Either your eyeshadow crease-shade, or a lighter or darker shade than your winged liner can be used across your bottom lash line to complete your look (crease colour and darker shades will do this) or brighten your eye (lighter and brighter colours will do this).

I hope these tips have inspired and enlightened you all to my eyeliner methods! Happy lining!


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Fairy-tale Forests.

This is the redwood forest 45 minutes drive from my house.

I already live in a forested area in Australia, but there’s something about this redwood forest that just takes your breath away. I’m so used to the scenery within my local forest (literally 500 metres up the street), so the uniformity of the trees and the  ground that’s littered with this gorgeous fallen foliage is like something out of a fairy-tale, and a lovely, slight change of scenery for me.

unnamed (4)

When my boyfriend Jamie asked what I wanted to do that weekend, I knew I was craving some outdoorsy stuff. It was so calming to walk through this place, the only noise audible being the wildlife and the wind.

unnamed (5)

Apologies about the horrid quality picture- my phone just can’t handle the beauty.

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Winged Eyeliner| A Guide

Part 1 – Why?

Why should you try winged eyeliner? I could just say “trust me, it’s great!” but that won’t convince all of you! Here’s a list I’ve made.

  1. Winged eyeliner draws attention to your eyes! Whether you have gorgeous huge eyes, brightly coloured eyes or want both of these things, winged eyeliner can help you out.
  2. To stand out! Having this great big wing protruding from your eye not only draws attention to your eyes, but in certain styles (stay tuned for more on that) can complete a statement look and show people you’re a woman of importance.
  3. Enhancing your eye colour! Certain shades of liner can do you a favour in the colour department. Browns and deep blues can help blue eyes stand out, whilst black and gold can give your brown eyes a little illumination. You’d be surprised at the difference.
  4. Makes your eyes look larger! You may think that having so much liner on the top can leave you with a smaller looking eye, however in certain styles, this can be the exact opposite. Depending on the colour and taper you apply, you can create anime-inspired eyes, large ‘dolly’ eyes, or just an enhanced version of your natural eye size.
  5. Helps with false lashes! Having some eyeliner down, especially winged liner, is great for concealing the base of your false lashes. It makes them look more natural, real and effortless (even though it can sometimes be the opposite!)
  6. It’s Fun! Just kidding, it’s S**t. Takes waaay too long and is boring. The fun part is really when you get the results!


…so to get great results with your liner, stay tuned and subscribed for the next part of my How-to series, where we explore colour and how it can drastically change your liner look!

Side note: I am super aware I need to pluck my eyebrows in this photo, but the liner is so delicious that I had to use it!

Bamboo Fresh.

Well hey there!

I’d like to share with the internet what my dinner consisted of last night. I made the most delicious steamed vegetables and polenta! After being recommended to try bamboo steaming my vegetables, I did it with great results.

The vegetables had much more flavour when I used the bamboo steamer, so from now on, I know how I’ll be steaming. Try it, it’s delicious!

unnamed (2)

*For all you makeup enthusiasts out there, stay tuned and subscribed for part 1 of my winged eyeliner guide, coming out tomorrow! Don’t miss it. Or do, but you’ll be missing the whole winged eyeliner thing, and it’s pretty great so your life will never be the same.