Ever wondered how to spruce up your indoor environment with little effort?

I’ve got some things to show you!

Indoor Plants

About a year ago, I was going through a change of scenery in my work space. I was sick of the clutter and dull atmosphere. So I decided to experiment with a few types of beautifying and rearranging. A touch of greenery was what made the most difference!

I’ve killed numerous plants in my time, so when I tried out air plants, I was pleasantly surprised! It was difficult to kill.

This is my current air plant. I spray it once a day with a spray bottle of water and it doesn’t actually live here in direct sunlight. Its home is on my bookshelf, just out of direct sunlight.


The other alive indoor plant I currently have is a lucky bamboo. It’s grown quite a bit since I got it but it won’t get much larger than this.


And as I’m prone to murdering plants, this last one is perfect for me.


Looks great right? These suckers don’t need any watering. Ever. They’re fake! They look pretty real though. Embarrassing story: When me and my boyfriend bought these, we didn’t realise they were fake until I watered one of them… It took 2 hours of draining upside down for it to completely dry out. Fair to say I felt like the biggest idiot. I still do.

Candles and oil

I am completely obsessed with lovely smells and ambient lighting. This is conveniently packaged into one item. Or in my case – many.

Candles have completely taken over my room. From gorgeous scents to bright colours, you can’t go wrong! But you can… if you burn your house down. Don’t do that. It’d kinda suck. A lot…

Anyway… Here’s some of my favourite candles right now.


And some bad-ass skull candle-holders.


Possibly used more frequently than my candles, is my oil burner!

I tend to use wax melts waaay more than oils because they’re easier to clean out. Plus the oils take longer to burn than the tea-light candle that sits underneath it – I don’t want to waste tea-lights! I know I could just go and buy an electric oil burner, but there’s something more magical about that delicate little flame underneath. Also the vanilla scented tea-light candles I have smell pretty great without taking away from the melt or oil scent.

Here’s my burner in action.


Well that’s it for today! I hope these simple and easy methods of improving your environment were of some help or entertainment! Happy decorating!

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