Part 2 – What colour for me?

When it comes to desired eyeliner effect, colour plays a vital role. Let’s explore how to choose colour and what colour combinations can do for you and your eyes.

  1. Skin tone has heaps to do with the effect certain colours will have on your eyes. For example, maroons and light browns are great for more natural liner on fair skin, whilst tanned and dark skin tones work well with dark browns and blacks for natural looks. To make a statement, fair skin works well with black or a bright colour such as blue or purple, darker tones can make a bold look using bronze or gold shimmer liners in addition to black. Whilst this is suggested, it is not mandatory and in no way the only colours that will compliment certain skin tones!
  2. For a bold layered look, combining a base colour (brown, dark brown or black) with a bright colour can have a better effect than using bright colours on their own! This goes the same for shimmered liners – gold, bronze, silver, metallic colours.
  3. Complimentary colours work well when acknowledging eye colour. By use of the colour wheel, you can find out the composite shade to your eye colour. Usually these enhance and brighten your eye colour, and can be used to your advantage in your eyeliner. Blue eyes are enhanced with bronzes, golds, browns and darker blues than your shade. Brown eyes are enhanced with brown, black, pinks and maroons.
  4. Under eye colours are also important in complimenting your winged eyeliner. Either your eyeshadow crease-shade, or a lighter or darker shade than your winged liner can be used across your bottom lash line to complete your look (crease colour and darker shades will do this) or brighten your eye (lighter and brighter colours will do this).

I hope these tips have inspired and enlightened you all to my eyeliner methods! Happy lining!


Stay tuned and subscribed for Wing styles, the next edition in the ‘Winged Eyeliner| A Guide’, series, where we explore different methods of applying wings for different circumstances.

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