This is the redwood forest 45 minutes drive from my house.

I already live in a forested area in Australia, but there’s something about this redwood forest that just takes your breath away. I’m so used to the scenery within my local forest (literally 500 metres up the street), so the uniformity of the trees and the  ground that’s littered with this gorgeous fallen foliage is like something out of a fairy-tale, and a lovely, slight change of scenery for me.

unnamed (4)

When my boyfriend Jamie asked what I wanted to do that weekend, I knew I was craving some outdoorsy stuff. It was so calming to walk through this place, the only noise audible being the wildlife and the wind.

unnamed (5)

Apologies about the horrid quality picture- my phone just can’t handle the beauty.

Makeup enthusiasts: Stay tuned and subscribed for the next edition of my winged eyeliner guide; colour. Coming out tomorrow!


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