Part 1 – Why?

Why should you try winged eyeliner? I could just say “trust me, it’s great!” but that won’t convince all of you! Here’s a list I’ve made.

  1. Winged eyeliner draws attention to your eyes! Whether you have gorgeous huge eyes, brightly coloured eyes or want both of these things, winged eyeliner can help you out.
  2. To stand out! Having this great big wing protruding from your eye not only draws attention to your eyes, but in certain styles (stay tuned for more on that) can complete a statement look and show people you’re a woman of importance.
  3. Enhancing your eye colour! Certain shades of liner can do you a favour in the colour department. Browns and deep blues can help blue eyes stand out, whilst black and gold can give your brown eyes a little illumination. You’d be surprised at the difference.
  4. Makes your eyes look larger! You may think that having so much liner on the top can leave you with a smaller looking eye, however in certain styles, this can be the exact opposite. Depending on the colour and taper you apply, you can create anime-inspired eyes, large ‘dolly’ eyes, or just an enhanced version of your natural eye size.
  5. Helps with false lashes! Having some eyeliner down, especially winged liner, is great for concealing the base of your false lashes. It makes them look more natural, real and effortless (even though it can sometimes be the opposite!)
  6. It’s Fun! Just kidding, it’s S**t. Takes waaay too long and is boring. The fun part is really when you get the results!


…so to get great results with your liner, stay tuned and subscribed for the next part of my How-to series, where we explore colour and how it can drastically change your liner look!

Side note: I am super aware I need to pluck my eyebrows in this photo, but the liner is so delicious that I had to use it!

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