Healthy & Delicious Veggie Frittata

The easiest and most delicious breakfast!

This frittata is simple, quick, healthy and tasty! It’s vegetarian safe and is a fabulous way to start the day. To see the entire tutorial, watch the video by clicking here.

All you need is your favourite veggies and 2 eggs (mine are from my adorable and handy chickens!).



Just soften your veggies first and then add the whisked eggs.


That’s it! Delicious!


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How to Pull off $2 Green eye-shadow.

Drugstore makeup gets a bad rap most of the time. People tend to promote amazing products that are unfortunately rather expensive. As somebody who uses drugstore makeup on a daily basis, I decided to go further and create a $2 eye-shadow look with $2 eyeliner from a dollar-store totaling just $4. To see the full tutorial, click here for the video.

Here it is!


People are so timid when using greens too, so I thought I’d really go out on a limb and use a green palette!


Although it seems a bit of a shimmer overload personally, I think it came out pretty well!


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Mango & Orange Smoothie with Coconut.

Playing around in the kitchen the other day, I figured out how to make the most delicious, healthy and tangy mango and orange smoothie! Be sure to view the video by clicking here, to see a step by step guide.

It’s super simple.

Grab a fresh orange, some frozen mango (and pineapple if you like) and some coconut water.


Smash it all into a blender or bullet blender.


and you’re done!



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A Misty Walk.

It’s Friday!

That means a random post and video about my week. This week I went on a lovely walk in the early morning, when the mist refused to clear until past 10 am. Living in a hotter country, mist is not as common, making it feel special and beautiful to me when it appears. Here are some wonderful photos from along the way!


A gorgeous Autumn tree!


These little ducks were adorable to watch. My dog (Luna) was very interested in the little creatures!


This gentle giant was definitely a highlight, and so was Luna’s reaction! She was so afraid of the ‘giant dog’.

It was a lovely walk, despite being quite cold. To see the entire vlog,  click here to visit my YouTube channel, and here to see the video.

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Antique Gold | A complete Look

Today I’m sharing a stunning antique gold shimmer look with you!

It’s easy, quick and looks great. For the full tutorial check out my YouTube channel.

My first step was creating my base foundation I use the Maybelline super stay 24h in ivory.


I went for a lighter contour using bronzer to keep within the gold theme.


Next I used a light gold shimmer on the inner corners, spreading it out to the centre of my lids (‘radiance’).


One of the other shades I used to create depth was ‘toffee’ in the above BYS berries palette.

I also used a few more shades that you can see by watching the tutorial video.

To finish the look I added some liquid lipstick in the shade ‘chocolate’, winged liner and mascara.

I hope you enjoy seeing the look put together in the video as well as a quick overview.

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Pesto Zoodles | What I Ate Today

I find it super entertaining to see what delicious foods other people make, so I’m going to pay it forward by sharing my tasty and simple lunch from today.

Delicious pesto zoodles! (and broccoli)


Zucchini is my FAVOURITE veggie and possibly my favourite food. No matter how you cook it, it’s sooo tasty. And pesto? Do I even need to explain my love for pesto? I could have pesto’s babies. This is how pesto makes me feel:


If you want to know how I made it, check out my YouTube channel to see the related video. (coming soon!)

I hope this inspired some zucchini and pesto lovers to make a tasty creation in the kitchen!

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